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The Spell

Mature Audiences Only Please,
(no poop jokes)

Tammy, a comely 28 year old, living with her folks just east of Kansas City was wandering in her family's park one cool spring day and fantasizing about the perfect life she wished she had. In truth her life was nearly perfect already but she had gotten it in her head that 28 and single made her an old spinster that no real man without some horrible past could ever love.

She was the only child of some moderately prosperous middle-class folk who had the good fortune some years ago of stumbling onto a farm for sale. The couple who had owned it were old and ready to retire to warmer climes and offered the newly weds a sinfully good deal on their 20 acre farm. Tammy's parents saw real potential in the property and loved the cute farmhouse. With a family about to start in a few months they accepted and got to work.  Within a few months a development firm had settled with them on an offer to buy twelve acres of the property for 40 family homes. The couple then sold five acres to the city to build a park and kept the last three acres for themselves. Tammy squirmed into the world a couple weeks later and grew up healthy and loved but a little too doted on because sadly, her parents were unable to have another child.

Tammy grew up conservative and happy. She got good grades in school, went to a good university and had spent some time volunteering in the peace corp after graduating before moving home. Now in her late 20s she was feeling the pressure to settle down and start her own family but had grown apart from the communities that would enable her to meet attractive single guys. Despairing, she was becoming increasingly concerned that she would likely die crazy and alone in her family's home, her body consumed by the 23 stray cats she adopted. No one even realizing she was gone.

She was especially despairing on this cold gray April day when to her mind the flowers should be blooming because her still happily married parents, who had turned the million dollars they made on the property sale into ten million dollars, were half way around the world again, probably making love Tammy didn't want to hear about in some exotic location next to a place Tammy had likely visited to feed starving children not long ago. Her mind and emotions brooding, her thoughts wandered to a strange book she had acquired on just such a trip. In a small village, ravaged by floods she had befriended an elderly woman who had lost all her family in disasters. When Tammy was shipping out to a new destroyed town the woman had brought her a book, explaining that it was a family heirloom and she wanted tammy to have it since she had no more family to heir loom it too. Tammy gratefully accepted and the woman explained that it was a tome of ancient magic spells. Tammy thought that quaint but didn't disparage the woman's most prized possession.

In the next town they shipped to she brought the book and having learned much of the language while in the old woman's village she decided to flip through it one night when she was bored. Reading the book proved to be a good way to help her further her learning of the language so she started reading every night. One particularly dark and stormy night she was reading from the book and without intending to, she read some of the words aloud. The air around her began to sparkle but died off after a few moments when she stopped reading. The top of the page was titled "Star Light: for best results, recite in a cool dark room." The realization that the spells actually worked was frightening to the young, church-going girl from farm country so she stowed the book away, never to be read again.

But like an addiction, from time to time she would open up the book, find an innocuous spell and try it out. Usually they didn't work, but when she got the cadence of her words just right she could make marvelous things happen. She once made a toy frog come to life, then watched a bird swoop in and eat it. Another time she made her sandals levitate but couldn't control them and watched them soar off into the sky. After that she only cast her spells indoors and avoided anything that recommended having a weapon handy "just in case".

But soon the simple spells just couldn't give her the wizard magic fix she needed. Rather than graduate to stronger spells she consulted some library books on addiction and decided to kick the habit by devoting her energies to physical fitness instead. Over the past year she hadn't cast a single spell, not even a simple one to warm her tea or find a missing remote control, and she had dropped ten minutes from her 5k time and lost seventeen pounds.

But on sad, gloomy days like this one, when she had already run thirteen miles, it was especially hard to resist the temptation to open the book and try out a spell she'd been too frightened of before. With her parents out of the house she could experiment a lot more and not have to worry about being caught and today, her will power finally broke.

She tried to redirect her broken will into something more productive but after eating all five gallons of ice cream in the house she found the book and took it out to the old barn behind the house. It was basically just a large garage so she backed her parents cars out, shut the door, and started flipping pages, looking for something to sate her appetite in ways no dairy product could.

What she found was a page she hadn't seen before. An advanced and dangerous spell (its words) that claimed it could grant her to power to make any one wish come true, just once. Tammy paused and thought that she had just such a wish. A wish worth wishing that only needed and should only come true once. She cleared her mind and focused on the words as she read them silently several times to herself before finally, confidently speaking them aloud.

At first nothing happened and she began to read the words again in case she'd missed something. But then suddenly all the warmth and light was sucked from the room. Then, emerging slowly from the dark void, was a cloaked figure. It had horns protruding from the hood that covered its face and a terrible, rasping voice. Tammy wanted to run in fear but that had gone poorly once with a spell that made her pencil write whatever she was thinking so she stood her ground.  The demon creature asked her why she had summoned him and she replied that she had a wish. The demon said that was rather obvious and told her not to waste his time so Tammy, still trying to sound profound, said that she desired above all else to someday soon meet the lover she had always dreamed of and have a healthy happy family together. The demon pointed out that that was really more like two wishes. Tammy argued that it wasn't because the family was related to the lover finding. The demon said that just makes it a sub wish which is still a separate wish. Tammy argued that it was more of a specifier upon the kind of lover she was wishing for. The demon then rephrased her wish as find a lover that she someday can have a family with. Tammy then requested that 'can' be amended to 'will' and the demon consented because he was tired of arguing with her.

But then he asked something that was truly profound and sadly lost on Tammy. He said: "I must tell you that for any wish you must be willing to make a sacrifice." Tammy declared that true love was worth any sacrifice. She did not however ask the demon creature to go into specific detail about the type of sacrifice which he had in mind. This is unfortunate because according to demon by laws, if she had, he would have been required to tell her, or subject himself to potential legal action at a later date. Having never bothered to read the terms of agreement at the beginning of the book Tammy was unaware of this and let her profound but woefully vague statements stand on their own. The demon, being a demon, delved deep into the silent annals of Tammy's mind and dredged up an old dream that was ripe for exploitation. The demon declared Tammy's wish granted and then disappeared, leaving Tammy to wonder how soon her prince would find her.

The answer was: very soon. That afternoon, Tammy went to the grocery store to replace the ice cream she'd eaten but wasn't able to locate a tub of such size. She stopped an awkward looking young man to ask him if it existed anywhere in the store and was stricken with love as soon as he turned around and their gazes locked together. His name was Ashton and Tammy asked him to come to her place and make love after some nice dinner. Ash, as he preferred to be called, agreed.

To everyone around them this was an astonishing event. In fairness to Ashton he was definitively un-handsome. Had the slightly self absorbed and emotionally intimidating Tammy ever lowered her standards from the heights that no fairy tale had yet seen, she could have had any man in town and been married and pregnant long ago, like any god fearing woman wanted. To then give her love to a some creature from "somewhere else" was too much for some to bear. It was a well known fact in the conservative rural suburb that people from other places were either disfigured or mentally stunted. This belief was so strong that the towns folk had never voted for any president that was not from there, preferring instead to write in candidates such as mythological characters and long dead dictators from shameful places like Europe, who were seen as being more suitable and perhaps such radical behavior might send a proper message to Washington D.C.

Entranced by passions that can only come from a long series of poor life choices and years of sexual repression, Tam and Ash fell madly in love that evening over a steaming plate of spaghetti, carefully crafted from a single noodle so that their lips could meet over the plate, like the famous dogs Tramp and Lady. After their meal they retired to the barn for a "roll in the hay" which Ashton had always wanted to do. In truth, intercourse on a pile of hay is quite poor. Years of irresponsible literature and film making have mislead countless pairs of lovers. But such was their love that Tammy and Ashton did not notice the needle sharp pieces of dried grass, stabbing them everywhere.

Some of this was to be blamed on the fact that neither had ever had sex before and therefore had no basis of comparison which they could use to adjudge their sexual experience as "extremely poor", which in fact it was. When their love-making was complete they lay next to one another, sweaty and itchy and basked in the afterglow of their collective lost virginity.

It was then that the already dark barn seemed to darken once more and a familiar raspy voice began to laugh slowly. Suddenly, both lovers began to experience strange sensations all over their bodies. For Tammy, it reminded her of the time she cast a hair growth spell without reading through all the instructions first. When the demon finally materialized he declared that the fulfillment of Tammy's wish was near at hand, mere moments away. This confused Tammy who thought that Ashton was her wish's fulfillment and expressed this to the demon. The demon chuckled and as the lovers' bodies felt ever stranger, he explained:

When she was thirteen, Tammy wrote a reimagining of Rapunzel. In her version the tower was much higher and surrounded by an unsolvable labyrinth, guarded by an angry minotaur. Starting on her twelfth birthday, for twelve years would-be suitors either died of starvation, lost within the maze, or were savagely killed by the over zealous minotaur. On her 24th birthday, having watched the minotaur gorge himself on human flesh for the 144th time, Rapunzel realized that the only man she ever had any hope of being with was the minotaur. Rapunzel invited the minotaur up, not realizing that he had been in love with her the whole time and was killing all the pretty-boy heroes for just that reason, made love to him, turned into a minotauress and lived happily ever after with her new lover. When Tammy had shown the story to her mother she was punished severely for writing such filth and repressed the memory along with all sexual desire, initiating a long chain of fateful events.

The demon explained that since the minotaur was truly the man of her dreams, then Tammy's wish was not yet (but about to be) complete. Tammy and Ashton, now turly terrified, watched in horror as their toes began melding into thick dark hooves. Long hairy tails sprouted painfully from their spines and horns pushed through the skin of their scalps. Their ears grew in size and both of them uttered low groans of displeasure.

Tammy's breasts enlarged themselves and swelled with milk. Her nipples became large and erect as the flesh of her breasts strained against the fabric of her bra. She fumbled with clumsy hands to undo the clasp but could not. Looking at her fingers she realized that they had fused together and had small dark nails, robbing her of all dexterity.

She tried to stand but found it difficult. Her feet had stretched so that only her toes, or hooves rather, were touching the ground. The balance was awkward and her legs continued to change. The muscled of her thighs were growing quickly, increasing many times over in size. Her hips were widening and she had to keep adjusting her stance to accommodate them. Finally, thick hairs, the same color as her lazy brunette curls, thrust painfully out of her skin.

At the same time, her tail made a thrusting motion which reminded Tammy of another thrusting motion she'd recently experienced and the skin above her vagina began to soften. The soft flesh turned a slight pink shade and small bumps soon brew into large and still growing nipples. Hooking a thick thumb under the band of her underpants (She left them on during the sex. I told you they had no idea what they were doing) and tore them free before her swollen body swelled any more. When the underpants ripped free, a large udder tumbled out and filled with warm milk even faster than her engorged breasts had.

Thinking the worst of her transformation over, the skin of her abdomen began to distend as pound after pound of juicy fat piled onto her tormented body. Her arms and legs softened, her buttocks greedily tripled in size and her breasts grew another cup size or two. Struggling to keep her balance, the demon stepped to her side and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and whispered, almost done. He held his other hand in front of her face and strange veins of electricity leapt from his finger tips to dance about on Tammy's face. A moment later she mooed in pain and watched as her mouth and nose began to stretch forward from her face. Her nostrils darkened and flared. Her lips stretched and her tongue thickened. When the demon lowered his hand, her more private regions squirmed about and nearly made Tammy vomit. "There, all done" the demon declared and stepped back to admire his work.

At first, Tammy was unsure of exactly how to place her hands to maintain some modesty and posture. A hand to her sore teats was too intense. A palm on her belly too disheartening. In the end she settled for an arm across her heaving breasts and a hand at the base of her spine like a pregnant woman. As she took stock of the situation, she noticed Ashton rising slowly to his unstable feet, sorry, hooves. Hay stuck to leg hair, tail swishing wildly, large horns protruding impressively from his head. (jealously Tammy noted that hers were so much smaller). Ashton was every bit the male version of Tammy's new hybrid bovine form. And he was sexy. Tammy moved to steady him and when she touched his arm, their gazes found one another, just as they had in the super market. Once more, each was overcome with unbridled passion for each other and they began making love again.

Rather trying to make love. Incapable of the awkward sexual position they'd found before, they fumbled about for sometime until an optimal new position was discovered. Somewhat discouraged that the two young fools were not more discouraged by their new situation, the demon decided to teleport them to a fairy tale dimension and a tall, well guarded tower, where they could revel in mediocre sex and raise as many fine young anthro-bovine children as they could count. And he wouldn't have to watch them do it.

The End
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