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Simon pushed the heavy cart down the path to cabin 14. As a junior counselor, it was Simon’s job to run a lot of errands. One such errand was to unpack the incoming food from the warehouse and to distribute it to the cabins on large wheeled carts. The cart was loaded up with all manners of foods: pizzas, ice cream tubs, jugs of soda, chips, and much more. It was the regular morning delivery. Half the cabins got the deliveries twice a day, morning and afternoon. In the evenings, the campers ate at the mess hall.

Simon knocked to announce his presence and then entered the common room with the kitchen. He unloaded the fresh, hot foods first like the pizzas, donuts, and platters of fresh pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, and more. With all of that displayed for the girls, he could unload the rest of the cart while they ate.

As always, Paris was the first to appear. She wore nothing but her bikini, proudly displaying her thick limbs and round stomach. In the week that the campers had been there, Simon had quickly learned that Paris was a loud and proud individual. She had her own personal sense of manifest destiny and refused to accept failure in any form. When she had been unable to control her appetite after her injection, just like the other girls, she had internalized the issue. While most campers stuffed themselves in the privacy of their rooms and wore the baggiest clothes they could find, Paris proclaimed that she knew what the camp was doing: it was clearly a test of their will power to resist temptation. While the other girls pathetically failed in their resolve, Paris, she claimed, was rejecting the very construct of the test itself. She would not be submitted to such tricks and so she claimed that she would eat everything she could as a way of protesting the camp’s methods.

The official line from the staff was that the campers were just being initially observed. The variety of foods were made available to see which foods each individual camper craved and thus create a personalized weight loss plan for them. The injections were just a vaccine of some sort to prevent the spread of disease while everyone was in such close proximity to one another for several weeks.

Of course Paris had no control over her cravings, no one in the camp did. They were subjects in a big experiment that they had no knowledge of. It bothered Simon quite a bit actually. It seemed wrong to lure these young women in and fatten them against their will, but he was well paid and quite too frightened to do anything about it. When Paris came into the kitchen each morning, her sagging gut bulging over the fabric of her straining swim wear, it usually made Simon feel better. Not because he liked fat girls, he thought they were gross, but most of them were ridiculously wealthy and even more entitled about it. Paris wasn’t as wealthy as most there, but she was undoubtedly the rudest, most entitled person in the camp. Seeing her put on a few pounds each day, while idiotically claiming that she was doing it on purpose, took some weight off of Simon’s conscience.

The only person he felt guilty about was Paris’ roommate, Rory. She had been the fattest girl when the camp started but Simon thought she was kind of pretty. She hadn’t really been fat, just not so sickeningly thin as the other girls, who all somehow thought they needed to lose weight. Rory was a normal person with a pretty face a pleasant smile, and usually a kind word. She would usually come out last and instead of grabbing her food and skulking back into her room, she would sit and chat with Simon while he put everything else away.

Simon had started saving special treats just for her. She was especially fond of Danishes. Simon had to put in a special request for them but they had finally arrived. He couldn’t wait to show Rory. It felt strange to be helping to fatten a woman he had feelings for, but then again it felt even stranger to have feelings for a woman who was getting fat.

Simon greeted Paris who responded with a rude grumble and an accusation that Simon was late “as usual”, even though their cabin was his first stop each morning. She grabbed two pizzas and a two liter bottle of soda and turned back to her room. As she jiggled away the other cherubic ladies emerged like zombies hunting for brains. Each was struggling to hide their growing girth. Despite their misgivings about their bodies, each one typically only wore trendy, form fitting items. Expecting to lose more weight and hang out in the sun, they hadn’t brought anything like baggy tee shirts or sweat pants. Glimpses of booty, belly, and boobies, could be seen bulging out here and there on each of them. Each of them took their preferred meals back to their rooms to be eaten in solitude.

Once they had gone, Rory appeared and greeted Simon. “Good morning” she said in a sing-song voice.

Simon had his head in the fridge. He arranged some items and stood up to respond but his voice caught in his throat. Being the only one who was truly embarrassed about her body before arriving, Rory had actually brought some larger garments. Simon was expected to keep notes on everything the campers ate and their weight progress. Rory’s oversized tees, hoodies, and yoga pants had made Simon’s task nearly impossible. But this morning she emerged in a tight-fitting tank top and some boxer shorts. The tank only covered her breasts and the top of her belly; her wide hips and large thighs taxed the fabric of her boxers.

Simon composed himself and said good morning as well while Rory waddled over to the counter and took her usual bar stool seat. The other campers had all been gaining very aggressively but their bodies could only consume so much food at a time. While their gains were accelerating most had gained only 30 to 40 pounds. That made many of them about the size that Rory had been about a week ago. But Rory was already an experienced eater. She explained to Simon one day that she and her mom were both junk-food-junkies. They ate out almost every meal and hated working out, but had been blessed with amazing metabolisms. No matter how many calories they packed away, both stayed nice and thin. But Rory’s senior year in high school had been really stressful. School work, applying to colleges, and some occasional family problems had broken her down. Putting on weight only put on more stress, which made her eat to feel better which only made the problem worse.

While the other campers would binge and then sleep it off like a pride of lions, Rory had the gastronomic stamina to eat all day. While Simon cleaned up the kitchen and put away the morning delivery, Rory would sit and chat with him while she ate. Most days, when Simon returned in the afternoon, she was still there, polishing off the last crumbs. But he had never truly seen the effects of her professional calibre binging. Her large, round stomach swayed and jiggled as she stepped across the room. Dark stretch-marks striped her skin. Her navel was deep and the curve of her belly hung over the band of her shorts. Her breasts, unhindered by a bra, hung heavily under her top, bouncing slightly with each step. Her arms were thick and beginning to bulge above her elbows and at her armpits. The exposed flesh of her wide thighs, slide loosely as she moved; Simon noticed dimples in her skin from cellulite. Her calves were at least the size of softballs. When she turned to heft herself onto the barstool by the counter, Simon glimpsed her round buttocks, her cheeks peeking out of her boxers.

She sat with a sigh from her lips and a creak from the stool and turned to face Simon cheerfully. He didn’t know what she had weighed when she arrived or what she weighed now, but there was no doubt that she was the largest camper by a long measure and that she had out-gained everyone by an equal breadth as well. His guess, that she was at least over 200 pounds and perhaps closer to 225, was not far off. Of course, for many people this was a perfectly typical weight. On the street, having never met her before, Rory’s body would not have gathered much attention. But the difference of approximately 70 pounds in just 7 days was startling to Simon.

He quickly composed himself however and after jotting down a quick note he presented her with his surprise. Rory squealed with joy when he unveiled the Costco pack of pastries. Tearing the plastic open, she grabbed a Danish in each hand and ate ravenously. She paused after a couple large bites to express an almost sexual pleasure in the flavor before finishing one of them and beginning with the other. While she ate, her empty hand found a third treat. As she somehow both savored and devoured her meal, Rory talked between and during bites.

“You know, I don’t mind putting on weight when I can eat these. If being fat is the price for a couple danishes for breakfast, then I don’t want to be thin.” She proclaimed.

“Well, it’s hardly your fault.” Simon let slip. He instantly turned a bit red, he should not have said that.

“What do you mean?” Rory asked. 

Now he had done it. “I’m just saying that it’s not like you should blame yourself for your food cravings, I mean, everyone in the camp is struggling with them right?” Hopefully that would satisfy her. Simon wasn’t supposed to talk about what the camp was doing. But Rory, was too smart.

“Yeah, now that you mention it, that is weird. I guess I’ve been too busy eating everyday to notice anybody else very much. Why is everyone so hungry all the time?...why am I?” She asked herself. Rory stopped eating while she thought. As if realizing it all for the first time, she looked first at the food in her hands then down at her distended body then up at Simon. “What’s happening to me?” She asked.
Simon looked at her and almost began to cry. She looked so hurt and vulnerable. He hadn’t realized just how deep his feelings for her had grown. Not until he saw what was truly happening to her body. He couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“I’m not supposed to tell you anything, but just believe me that this isn’t your fault. You’re not in control of your body anymore, none of you are. Get out if you can.. before it’s too late.” With that he grabbed his empty cart and hurried from the cabin before she saw him cry. He hadn’t finished putting everything away but he frankly didn’t care.

He rushed along the path back to the kitchens to collect his next delivery. He had three more cabins to attend to before preparing for the afternoon deliveries. He went through the rest of his morning quickly, keeping his head down and not talking much to anyone. After completing his morning rounds he went back to the main hall for some cleanup duties. He then helped to unloaded the afternoon shipment and prepare his afternoon.

As always, cabin 14 was first on his list. When he arrived he began unloading his supply of hamburgers, pizzas, large meaty sandwiches, and other treats, but something was wrong. Not only was Rory not waiting for him, but Paris didn’t instantly appear to make one of her rude comments and make off with the first of the lunch food. The other girls in the cabin eventually emerged, looking bloated and even less adequately clothed, but Rory and Paris were no where to be seen.

Simon felt almost panicked. Of course he remembered what he had said earlier to Rory but it hadn’t actually crossed his mind that she would take his advice. The lure of the food was surely too strong. He decided that if he inquired about them with the other campers it would only draw attention to their absence. If they were trying to get out that attention would not be helpful. Instead, Simon went about his task as though nothing was amiss and then headed back to the receiving area to get his next cart load

When he arrived he started loading the cases of food when suddenly two large figures approached him. “Ms. Tukk would like to see you.” One of them said. The two goons, Cynthia and Angelica, escorted Simon to Ms. Tukk’s office. He had seen the two women around the camp but had never interacted with them. They were huge. Both were about 6 feet tall and probably weighed lose to 400 pounds but it wasn’t all flab. Something about them said that they were extremely strong and probably more agile than they seemed.

They lead Simon back through the halls and past some rooms to the deepest reaches of the main hall. They eventually opened a door to a dimly lit and surprisingly small office. Seated behind a desk there was Ms. Tukk, standing next to her was Mr. Sweets, Judd Reeves, the head counselor. Cynthia and Angelica shoved Simon into a chair facing the camp’s leading officials and placed their strong hands on his shoulders to show that they intended to keep him there.

“Hello Simon,” said Ms. Tukk.

“Uh, hello, Ms. Tukk.” Simon stammered out. He had never really been face to face with the woman before. “What can I do for you?”

“Well Simon, I need to ask you a couple questions. You see, Mr. Sweets here has brought something unsettling to my attention.” With that, Caroline Tukk turned the screen of her computer to face Simon. There was a video paused, the image was of Simon and Rory from the security camera in the cabin. Simon’s heart sank into his stomach. Ms. Tukk pressed play. 

Rory: “You know, I don’t mind putting on weight when I can eat these. If being fat is the price for a couple danishes for breakfast, then I don’t want to be thin.”

Simon: “Well, it’s hardly your fault.” 

Rory: “What do you mean?”

Simon:  “I’m just saying that it’s not like you should blame yourself for your food cravings, I mean, everyone in the camp is struggling with them right?”

Rory: “Yeah, now that you mention it, that is weird. I guess I’ve been too busy eating everyday to notice anybody else very much. Why is everyone so hungry all the time?...why am I?...What’s happening to me?” 

Simon: “I’m not supposed to tell you anything, but just believe me that this isn’t your fault. You’re not in control of your body anymore, none of you are. Get out if you can.. before it’s too late.”

“I… I can explain” Simon pleaded.

“Oh I’m sure you can.” Replied Ms. Tukk. “But I don’t think you really need to. Let’s see if I understand things correctly. It seems to me that you’ve developed some feelings for our young Miss Gilmore. Hmm, yes I see that look on your face. And you didn’t like what has been happening to her did you? No of course you’re not into that sort of thing. When you saw her today, revealed in all her glory, you couldn’t help yourself.”

Simon’s head sank.

“I think you’ve come rather close to the mark Ms. Tukk.” Said Mr. Sweets.

“Yes I think I have Mr. Sweets.” She replied. “Now I certainly can’t control the hearts of young men and women such as you Simon and Rory, but I can control their bodies while they are here in our care. Rory and the other campers here are part of an important study we are conducting. You understand that of course. You see, I cannot simply let them leave unannounced. What if something happened to them. Here at the camp they remain safe. They receive their necessary dosages of our treatments and we monitor them closely in case of any medical emergencies. What would happen to them if their cravings continued on their own? What if they ate themselves to death? While they are here we can watch these things. You understand I’m sure.”

Simon said nothing.

“But now  you have chosen to interfere with our work.” Declared Mr. Sweets.

“That’s right Simon.” Continued Ms. Tukk. “Now that Rory and Paris have tried to leave we cannot simply return them to their rooms as though nothing had happened. What if they were to encourage such dangerous behavior in the other campers. Did you consider this?” She asked.

“I think Simon here has considered very little before acting so foolishly.” Mr. Sweets said.

“Now, now Judd, I’m sure he had only the best intentions but as you and I know, the best intentions often go astray. You see Simon, we caught Rory and Paris trying to leave earlier this morning and now there’s really only one thing that they can now do for us.”

Simon looked into her eyes, fear building in his belly. If Rory was hurt in anyway because of him, he’d never forgive himself.

“Of course we conduct many experiments. We must if we are to understand how people gain and lose weight. We’ve developed a new type of sugar extract which, in very small amounts, can help people to feel more full after a meal. But in larger doses, the effects are, well, let’s just say that they are quite different and we still need to understand why.”

Ms. Tukk minimized the security footage of Rory and Simon and brought up a different video of Rory and Paris in small room similar to the one Simon was in just then.

Ms. Tukk continued. “These poor girls were starving when we found them, so while they waited they were offered milk shakes. Milk shakes which included a certain amount of our new sugar in them.” She clicked play.

Simon could see both ladies rech for the offered shakes and begin to drink them eagerly.They each slurped the beverages for about a minute before finishing them. A moment later, something clearly came over them. Each girl grabbed her stomach and groaned. Then they began to swell. There arms and legs; their faces, hands and feet; their breasts, bellies, and buttocks all grew with terrifying speed. As quickly as they consumed their milkshakes both their bodies doubled in size and continued to grow. When their clothes snapped off of their bodies they began to scream and Ms. Tukk paused the video.

“I think that’s enough for now. Besides, Simon is about to become very familiar with what has sadly had to happen to Rory and Paris.” Ms. Tukk nodded to her two goons who quickly seized Simon and held him tight to his seat. One of them gabbed his face with her strong hands and forced Simon’s mouth open. Mr. Sweets approached with a vial of silvery liquid. Simon tried to fight, but Cynthia and Angelica were too strong, just as he had suspected.

Ms. Tukk began talking again. “Like I said, we need to understand what this new invention of ours can do in concentrated doses.” With that Mr. Sweet uncapped the vial and poured a few drops into Simon’s mouth. As soon as the syrupy liquid dissolved on his tongue, Simon could feel his body swelling. His short sleeve button-up shirt and khaki shorts were not close fitting on him but his legs and torso quickly filled the fabric. He was certain they would tear apart but the swelling stopped as quickly as it had begun. Simon’s face was released so he could look at the impact on his body. The buttons on his shirt were straining to keep him clothed. If he breathed deeply, they would likely pop off. In the holes between them soft pale flesh protruded. The button on his shorts gave way and they slowly unzipped under the pressure of his large abdomen. The flesh of his arms and legs bulged out of his sleeves and pant legs.

Simon looked at Ms. Tukk and Mr. Sweets. He wasn’t sure whether he should be angry or terrified. Ms. Tukk only smiled at him slyly, then turned and nodded to Mr. Sweets. Cynthia or Angelica forced Simon’s mouth open again and Mr. Sweets poured the entire contents of the vial into Simon’s mouth. His burst buttons pinged off of objects around the small room while Simon screamed and Ms. Tukk and Mr. Sweets laughed gleefully.

Fat Camp: Ch 4
Sorry for the long wait. I tried to write this chapter to serve as a decent final chapter while leaving open the possibility of writing more if anyone would like.


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